I love it when Switchfoot songs echo each other. I can’t think of many examples at the moment, but Beautiful Letdown and Where I Belong sorta echo each other. “I don’t belong here” “Where I belong”

I love that too! I think the “Setlist Sudoku” circles around the same concept, other examples are:

"Burn Out Bright" - "Bullet Soul" 

"Easier Than Love" - "Amateur Lovers" 

"Home" - "The Setting Sun" - "This is Home" -  "Where I Belong"

"The War Inside" - "The Sound in My Mouth"

"Golden" - "Needle & Haystack Life"

"Enough To Let Me Go" - "What it Costs"

"Free" - "Liberty"

I could go on all day but i think this is a great topic of conversation for Switchfams :)